Dawn Gustin

dawn headshotDawn Gustin is a Paralegal at the Waco office of Erin B. Shank, P.C. after joining the firm in August, 2010. Dawn first became acquainted with the law office when a family member required the services of a bankruptcy attorney and shared with Dawn about the exceptional service that was provided to them by Erin Shank and her staff. Helping clients achieve a fresh start after bankruptcy or save their homes from foreclosure is incredibly rewarding to Dawn.

Dawn has been married for 19 years to her husband Ron and they have two daughters. For several years, Dawn had the pleasure of staying home and overseeing the organizational, financial and day-to-day operations of her home and caring for her two daughters, the youngest being a special needs child. When the youngest was ready to start school, Dawn decided that it was time to return to the work force and to seek employment outside the home. Dawn thought that she would enjoy working in a bankruptcy law firm and after hearing of the very good service a family member had received from Erin Shank, Dawn decided to apply for a job. She was hired for the front desk position just a couple of days after being interviewed and has quickly become a very important asset to the firm. Dawn is now a paralegal with the firm.

The demands and pressures can be tremendous in a law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of bankruptcy but Dawn does a great job of handling the multiple tasks associated with her position. The law firm clients really appreciate her warm and friendly personality. She takes her job very seriously and is eager to help the rest of the staff, and most importantly, the clients who come to Erin Shank looking for answers about their various financial problems.

Dawn enjoys spending time with her family and loves to cook. Both daughters think it’s a special treat when they get to spend time with Mom in the kitchen and create special meals and say that they will someday be “future cooks of America”! Dawn is very devoted to making sure her daughters are happy, healthy and unconditionally loved.

During her free time, Dawn and family enjoy going to the coast to visit the beach areas where she was raised. She also loves to read, especially action/mystery novels and anything involving a courtroom scenario. Dawn has been writing a book for the past several years and hopefully it will one day be published.

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