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  • Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit Rating?

    One of the most common reasons why people hesitate to consider bankruptcy as a solution to their financial problems,is that they are concerned about how filing bankruptcy will affect their credit rating. While this is a legitimate concern, for most people who are struggling financially the benefits of bankruptcy far outweigh any impact it has on […]

  • If I Include My Doctor’s Bills in My Bankruptcy Will My Doctor Refuse to See Me in the Future?

    During the recent downturn in the American economy, the United States Bankruptcy Courts saw a record number of bankruptcy cases filed for several years in a row. Although the economy appears to be moving in a positive direction once again, millions of debtors are still feeling the impact of the recession. An individual may turn to bankruptcy for […]

  • Can You Save Your House If You File Bankruptcy?

    Financial problems almost always add stress to your life. If those financial problems are at the point where your home is being threatened with foreclosure,  the stress is undoubtedly at an extremely high level. In fact, you probably spend a good portion of your day trying to figure out how you can save your house from […]

  • Tax Debt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Believe it or not, many Americans are just now beginning to take a deep breath, somewhat convinced they’ve survived the recession. It’s still a cautious breath, but a collective one around the nation. Unfortunately, many are now beginning to feel the weight of financial burdens too – even though we’re officially out of the recession. […]

  • Bankruptcy and Inherited IRAs

    Most of us have worked to build our retirement savings for years – and indeed, for far longer than we’ve had financial problems. Many Texans wrongly assume that their Individual Retirement Account, or IRA is in jeopardy if they opt to file for bankruptcy protection. Federal laws are clear: your retirement funds, including an IRA, […]

  • Divorce and Bankruptcy

    Neither event is pleasant, but when a divorce and bankruptcy are occurring simultaneously, it can add tremendous stress on a couple. The divorce is, by nature, going to shift debt and couples are focusing not on their shared budget, but one of a single person. Because so many divorces occur due to financial problems, many […]

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer is Your Best Advocate

    Usually, by the time clients contact us regarding a chapter 7 bankruptcy, they’ve already considered a number of other options, including filing for bankruptcy protection without legal representation. In fact, the National Bureau of Economic Research estimates more than 200,000 Americans will try to file a bankruptcy case without a lawyer. That’s troubling for me for a number of reasons. […]

  • When Bankruptcy Isn’t the Solution, it Usually Still Is

    For years, my offices have seen thousands of Texas families come through the doors, often not until they’re exhausted and feel as though there’s no other way out of a financial problem that’s ruled their lives for months and sometimes even years. The clients have filed a successful bankruptcy filing case allowed them to start anew.  Many clients […]