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Author Archives: Erin B. Shank, P.C.

Home Loan Modifications

Published February 13, 2019

Hey guys, I just wanted to post something fun about the firm: we are saving six homes from foreclosure, right now, without filing Chapter 13! We’re doing home loan modifications, which actually reduce the monthly payments and let you keep your…

Advice on Student Loans

Published February 11, 2019

You know, one thing that’s really affecting a lot of people is student loans. I’m going to another conference about student loans. They’re not dischargeable in any bankruptcy, but we always give our clients some non-bankruptcy advice about student loans….

Erin Shank Helps Plan State Bar of Texas Bankruptcy Conference

Published February 8, 2019

I just came in today from Bastrop, Texas, where I’m helping plan the State Bar Western District of Texas Bankruptcy Conference. I’ve thrown it for the last three years, pretty much by myself. Now I’ve got a group of great…

Founder of Barnum & Bailey Circus Overcame Financial Struggles through Bankruptcy Filing

Published March 8, 2016

Recognized as one half of the most famous and recognizable Circus in the United States, if not the world, P.T. Barnum actually began his career in the publishing industry in Connecticut. In 1834, Barnum moved to New York City and…

Actor Burt Reynolds Overcomes Debt with Bankruptcy Filing

Published January 11, 2016

Born in West Palm Beach, FL to a local sheriff, actor Burt Reynolds got his start in the film industry as a stunt man, but made a name for himself as an actor in the 1972 hit Deliverance. After this film, Reynolds’…

Larry King’s Early Career Financial Struggles

Published December 2, 2015

Although Larry King is now a household name, the famous talk show host almost ruined his broadcasting career in the late 1970s when he found himself faced with considerable financial struggles. As King began to gain some name recognition for…

American Credit Card Debt Averages for 2015

Published October 20, 2015

Americans are dealing with extreme amounts of credit card debt, according to a recent article by Tim Chen of nerdwallet.com. When only indebted households were considered, the average credit card debt was $15,706. This number decreases to $7,327 when all American households…

Exemption For Personal Property Increased in Texas

Published September 30, 2015

Many individuals expect that they will lose a majority of their property if they decide to file for bankruptcy. However, in a recent amendment to Section 42.001(a) of the Texas Property Code, the exemption for personal property has been increased and…

Erin B. Shank, P.C., Awarded AVVO’s 2015 Clients’ Choice Award

Published August 31, 2015

We are excited to announce that Erin B. Shank, P.C., has been selected for AVVO’s 2015 Clients’ Choice Award. Due to the outstanding ratings that our previous clients have given our firm, we have once again been honored with this acknowledgement. The AVVO Rating program…

Foreclosure Prevention


You probably already know that making your mortgage payments on time every month is very important if you want to keep your home. Failure to do so can ultimately end up costing you your home and ruining your credit score….

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