• Americans still suffering from credit card debt

    Though Americans today are generally improving at managing credit card debt, a recent survey found that many are still seriously affected by large amounts of these debts, a KOMO News article stated on April 10. The survey, which was released by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, pointed out that at least one in every three household […]

  • Celebrities also have student loan debt

    Like the average Americans, well-known and well-off people like celebrities and politicians know what it’s like to struggle with student loan debts, an article of Market Watch stated on March 31. The author of the report projects that in the near future people will become less ashamed of discussing student loan debt problems because it affects so […]

  • Natural gas provider sought bankruptcy protection

    Natural gas provider Quicksilver Resources Inc. recently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Delaware due to debts and depreciating oil prices, Bloomberg Business reported on March 18. According to the bankruptcy documents filed by the company, the business has a debt worth $2.35 billion while their listed assets were $1.21 billion. The company decided to file […]

  • What is the means test?

    To determine whether you will be eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, you will need to pass what is known as the means test. Essentially, the means test is the method by which your average income will be compared against the average disposable monthly income of comparable households in Texas. Should your income […]

  • Debts that are not dischargeable in Chapter 7 bankruptcy

    Though you may be able to discharge a number of burdensome debts through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, not all debts are dischargeable through this process. For instance, most student loan debts, alimony, child support payments, unpaid taxes, or debts owed on a tax-advantaged retirement plans will not be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy under normal circumstances. […]

  • Rough waters: bankruptcy rises on the seas

    Shipping companies across the globe are experiencing significant financial hardship due to a dwindling dry-goods market. Companies such as Winland Ocean Shipping Corp., Excel Maritime, Overseas Shipholding Group, and TMT Group have all recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to tumultuous economic conditions. While the decision to merge has helped some of these companies […]

  • Bankruptcy and the Elderly

    Bankruptcy and The Elderly from Erin Shank   Bankruptcy is designed to help consumers pick up the pieces and move forward with their lives. Learn more about bankruptcy and the elderly in this presentation.

  • Will Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit Rating?

    One of the most common reasons why people hesitate to consider bankruptcy as a solution to their financial problems,is that they are concerned about how filing bankruptcy will affect their credit rating. While this is a legitimate concern, for most people who are struggling financially the benefits of bankruptcy far outweigh any impact it has on […]

  • If I Include My Doctor’s Bills in My Bankruptcy Will My Doctor Refuse to See Me in the Future?

    During the recent downturn in the American economy, the United States Bankruptcy Courts saw a record number of bankruptcy cases filed for several years in a row. Although the economy appears to be moving in a positive direction once again, millions of debtors are still feeling the impact of the recession. An individual may turn to bankruptcy for […]

  • Divorce and Bankruptcy

    Neither event is pleasant, but when a divorce and bankruptcy are occurring simultaneously, it can add tremendous stress on a couple. The divorce is, by nature, going to shift debt and couples are focusing not on their shared budget, but one of a single person. Because so many divorces occur due to financial problems, many […]

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer is Your Best Advocate

    Usually, by the time clients contact us regarding a chapter 7 bankruptcy, they’ve already considered a number of other options, including filing for bankruptcy protection without legal representation. In fact, the National Bureau of Economic Research estimates more than 200,000 Americans will try to file a bankruptcy case without a lawyer. That’s troubling for me for a number of reasons. […]

  • When Bankruptcy Isn’t the Solution, it Usually Still Is

    For years, my offices have seen thousands of Texas families come through the doors, often not until they’re exhausted and feel as though there’s no other way out of a financial problem that’s ruled their lives for months and sometimes even years. The clients have filed a successful bankruptcy filing case allowed them to start anew.  Many clients […]