• Tax Debt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Believe it or not, many Americans are just now beginning to take a deep breath, somewhat convinced they’ve survived the recession. It’s still a cautious breath, but a collective one around the nation. Unfortunately, many are now beginning to feel the weight of financial burdens too – even though we’re officially out of the recession. […]

  • Bankruptcy and Inherited IRAs

    Most of us have worked to build our retirement savings for years – and indeed, for far longer than we’ve had financial problems. Many Texans wrongly assume that their Individual Retirement Account, or IRA is in jeopardy if they opt to file for bankruptcy protection. Federal laws are clear: your retirement funds, including an IRA, […]

  • Avoiding Problems after Bankruptcy

    Your bankruptcy is behind you and that light at the end of the tunnel has opened up to present life without overwhelming debt, lost sleep and fears of endless phone calls and threats from creditors. But now, the question is how to avoid future problems – including creditors who are less than ethical. Recently, a […]

  • More than One Bankruptcy?

    For years, Donald Trump has been the epitome of wealth and affluence. To most, it seems as though everything he touches turns to gold. But did you know that his companies have filed for bankruptcy at least four times in the past? This isn’t including the recent announcement that his Trump Entertainment Resorts is once again […]

  • What is a Bankruptcy 341 Meeting?

    After you file your bankruptcy case, you and your attorney will meet with another attorney, called a “Bankruptcy Trustee”. The meeting is called a “341 meeting”, because Section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code states that everyone that files bankruptcy has to be available to meet with their creditors at least once.  The person filing bankruptcy must attend, and his/her lawyer attends […]

  • What to Expect in Your Bankruptcy Consultation

    As a Texas bankruptcy attorney, I’ve seen families come into my office unsure of what to expect and wondering what, if anything, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy could mean for them and their future. My goal is always to ensure their questions are answered and ideally, to ensure they leave with a far better outlook for […]

  • Is it a Crime not to pay a “Pay Day” Loan? Can I include my “Pay Day” Loan in my bankruptcy?

    If you are considering filing a  bankruptcy case, one of your creditors may be a Pay Day Lender.  Many people in financial difficulties resort to borrowing money from these lenders who can only be described as loan sharks. When you file a bankruptcy case,  you must list all of your assets and all of your […]

  • Will The Bankruptcy Trustee Take My Tax Refund?

    A common question I get this time of year is whether the trustee will take the debtor’s tax refund if he files for bankruptcy. The answer depends upon many factors. The Trustee has a duty to administer non exempt assets if those assets are worthy of administration. For a tax refund to be worthy of […]