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Killeen Home Loan Modification Lawyer

When financial problems occur, many families are unable to make their home mortgage payments and the result is that many people in Killeen are in danger of losing their homes. Under government programs for a home loan modification, such as the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), Ms. Shank has successfully negotiated reduced interest rates and even forgiveness of some portions of the mortgage debt for her clients and that has enabled them to retain their homes. The negotiations have resulted in mortgage companies agreeing to place the missed mortgage payments at “the end” of many client notes. She has also negotiated interest rates for modified loans to as low as 3%!

Many bankruptcy attorneys believe that the only way to retain a home from a threatened foreclosure sale is for the client to file a three to five-year Chapter 13 wage garnishment bankruptcy. Erin simply and strongly disagrees.

She can help clients apply for home loan modifications. Many times Erin will apply for a home loan modification and also file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case which enables the client to retain their home, reduce their home mortgage payments, and get discharged from virtually all of their unsecured debt.

If an attorney has informed you that a Chapter 13 three to five-year wage garnishment is the only way to retain your home from an upcoming foreclosure sale, please contact Erin Shank for a second opinion.

Erin has also found that most individuals that attempt to apply for a home loan modification without an attorney are unsuccessful in obtaining a modification of their home loan. These modification applications and negotiations are complicated, frustrating, and do involve complicated laws and regulations. Assistance from a Waco home loan modification attorney, who is knowledgeable of the HAMP regulations, Texas foreclosure law, and bankruptcy law and procedure, is critical to successfully modifying your home loan. Erin’s firm also looks at all of your other debt, such as tax debt, student loans, credit cards, payday loans, etc., and develops a strategy to address all of these debts and get you back on the road to a financial fresh start.

Killeen  Home Loan Modification Lawyer

You should only file a Chapter 13 to save your home as a last resort. If you are in danger of losing your home through foreclosure, please call the Killeen office and let Erin Shankthe home loan modification attorney, propose a far better solution to you and your family. You will be so glad you called!

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