Dallas Anderson

DallasMy name is Dallas Anderson. I joined the Erin Shank team in the summer of 2013. I am enjoying the opportunity of being able to helping others. I have a passion for helping people. I feel a smile and a kind word can make a difference in the world when people are facing difficult times in their lives.

I have earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Human Services and a minor in Business. I have worked for the school district, the printing business, customer service and maintenance field. I have 20 years customer service experience.

I am the proud mother of five children, two boys and three girls. My husband of twenty years has proudly served our country in the U.S. Army for more than nineteen years. He has been to Bosnia, Korea, Egypt, and Iraq. His career has been an adventure for the entire family. We are very proud of the dedication he continues to show our country. Texas was our first duty station and has been our home since 1995. My husband has many sacrifices to ensure his deployments have not disrupted our children’s home. Our family is very close. Everything my husband and I do, we do for our children.



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