We have moved our Killeen office from Suite 107 to 106B (next door to previous office) in the One Killeen Center.

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3 Common Bankruptcy Myths Debunked

Bankruptcy is a difficult and important decision for those facing financial struggles. Unfortunately, there are plenty of lingering myths out there that may perpetuate the hesitancy some people face in moving forward with their bankruptcy case. While this blog will discuss…

Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners

Even the best small businesses can face financial difficulties. When such circumstances arise, small business owners have the option to file bankruptcy in an attempt to alleviate their debt or to restructure their payments, buying more time to get their finances in…

Bankruptcy and Property Taxes

One confusing and often complicated area of bankruptcy law is taxes. Not all tax obligations are dischargeable, and you need to know how this will affect your bankruptcy case if you owe any income or property taxes. Property taxes and real estate…

The Ludicrous Concept of Debtors’ Prison

Once upon a primitive time, an unpaid debt was considered a crime. Because of this, some medieval justice systems imposed laws allowing debtors to be imprisoned for failure or inability to pay what they owed. Thanks to modern laws, primitive…

Can I Get Credit After Bankruptcy?

Most of our clients think that if they file a bankruptcy case, they will never get credit again. As a Killeen Bankruptcy Attorney and a Waco Bankruptcy Attorney, I  have found that not to be the case. We have many…

Should I Reaffirm My Mortgage in my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case?

As a Killeen Bankruptcy Attorney and a Waco Bankruptcy Attorney my clients frequently ask me if they should reaffirm the debt owed on their home mortgage when they file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. In this scary real estate market, many homes with mortgages are…

Beware of “Debt Settlement Companies”

The lead article in the Economy Section of the June 18, 2010, issue of the New York Times offered a revealing insight into the practices of the “debt settlement” companies. Debt settlement companies state that they are positive alternatives to filing a…

Video Blog: The Differences Between Filing for Bankruptcy Protection Versus Going Through a Debt Consolidation.

In this video Erin talks about the differences between filing for bankruptcy protection versus going through a debt consolidation.

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