We have moved our Killeen office from Suite 107 to 106B (next door to previous office) in the One Killeen Center.

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Bankruptcy and Property Taxes

One confusing and often complicated area of bankruptcy law is taxes. Not all tax obligations are dischargeable, and you need to know how this will affect your bankruptcy case if you owe any income or property taxes. Property taxes and real estate…

Understanding the Relationship Between Taxes and Bankruptcy

Income tax is a bittersweet matter for many Americans. On one hand, this interest-free loan to the government takes a large chunk of most taxpayers’ income each pay period. On the other hand, after going through the tedious process of…

Developments Within the Credit Card Industry

I wanted to blog and let you know of some developments within the credit card industry. As a Waco Bankruptcy Attorney and a Killeen Bankruptcy Attorney, I see more and more credit card debt holders are hiring lawyers to sue…

A Taxing Matter — Bankruptcy Discharge vs. Debt Cancellation

As a Waco Bankruptcy Lawyer and a Killeen Bankruptcy Lawyer, I am frequently asked if getting a discharge in a bankruptcy case will make a client incur a tax liability. Under the U.S. Tax Code, if a debt is discharged in a bankruptcy case,…

Video Blog: The Differences Between Filing for Bankruptcy Protection Versus Going Through a Debt Consolidation.

In this video Erin talks about the differences between filing for bankruptcy protection versus going through a debt consolidation.

12 Myths About Bankruptcy

Myth 1: I make too much money to file bankruptcy, especially Chapter 7 – Our law firm aggressively represents all clients and looks for the best result for that client.  In almost three decades of practicing exclusively bankruptcy law, Ms….

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