The Killeen office has moved from Suite 107 to 106B (next door to previous office) in the One Killeen Center.
Meeting with attorney by appointment only.

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Historic Waco Office

Debt can drain your energy, your emotions, and your well-being. It does not have to be that way. You have options. With the right advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney like Erin Shank, you can resolve your financial troubles.

Attorney Erin B. Shank has been practicing exclusively bankruptcy law in Texas for nearly 40 years. She represents individuals and small businesses in Waco, Killeen, Temple, Belton, Groesbeck, Mexia, Whitney, and throughout Central Texas to get rid of their crushing debt. Erin and her staff will listen to you, advise you on your options, and help you build a plan to deal with your debt.

Waco Office
Erin B. Shank, P.C.

1902 Austin Ave

Waco, TX 76701

(254) 296-1161
Meeting with attorney by appointment only.

Best of all, the entire bankruptcy process can be done from the comfort and safety of your own home. Erin uses modern technologies, including electronic document gathering and digital signatures, to do away with the need for face-to-face meetings. All court appearances are now also telephonic. These greatly reduces the health concerns while we are living through this global Pandemic.

To schedule your free initial telephonic consultation, contact Erin online or call today.

Our Practice Areas in Waco

With nearly 40 years of legal experience, bankruptcy attorney Erin B. Shank can advise you on your legal options. Erin’s goal is to help you and your family get a fresh start with your financial life.

  • Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to legally resolve debts. If you are considering bankruptcy, attorney Erin B. Shank has decades of experience helping people move through bankruptcy to a bright financial future. She can handle your bankruptcy from start to finish – all from the comfort of your own home. Erin works very hard to put all of her clients in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, there is no wage garnishment, and you are discharged from your debts in about three months after your case is filed.
  • Home Loan Modification – If you are behind on your home, you may think that Chapter 13 is your only option. When you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are in an active bankruptcy case for three to five years, your wages are garnished, and your entire income tax refunds are garnished. Erin therefore rarely files Chapter 13 cases. She believes that negotiating a home loan modification, sometimes in connection with a Chapter 7 case, is a better way to retain your home and discharge your unsecured debt. If you have been told that Chapter 13 is the only way to save your home, please schedule a free initial consultation with our office and let Erin explain another alternative.
  • Medical Debts & Disabilities – Medical debts are dischargeable when you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you are receiving Social Security Disability or VA Disability, that income is not considered in determining whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Other options may also be available to help you take care of your debt. Erin and her legal team can discuss your situation and advise you on the best path forward.
  • Bankruptcy and Lawsuits – If you have been served with a lawsuit filed by a creditor to collect delinquent debt, filing a bankruptcy case will allow you to stop that lawsuit and discharge that debt. If that creditor has placed a lien impairing the title to your home, Erin will obtain a Court Order from the Bankruptcy Court removing that lien.
  • Tax Debt – Erin and her team work with the IRS to help those in debt overcome their tax burdens. Many people believe that tax debt is not dischargeable in a bankruptcy case. That is not true. Personal income taxes are dischargeable if those taxes were due more than three years ago and other requirements are met. Erin helps clients meet those requirements and discharge the debt owed to the IRS. She also works closely with a Certified Public Accountant who helps clients with delinquent returns and other accounting needs.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Erin has filed many Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in her career which spans almost 40 years. However, since Chapter 13 includes five-year wage garnishment and the loss of all income tax refunds for five years, she prefers to explore all other alternatives, including relying on non-bankruptcy state law remedies, to address financial problems. Erin uses Chapter 13 as a last resort, if someone has told you that Chapter 13 is your only option, please see Erin for a second opinion.

About Our Historic Waco Office

Erin purchased her beautiful historic Waco office in 2000. It is located at 1902 Austin Avenue, in the heart of beautiful downtown Waco. The building was built in 1912 and was in terrible shape when it was purchased. Erin, her husband, sons, friends, and many clients have helped her restore it to the beautiful piece of Waco history that it is today. Erin and her husband were recently recognized with an award from the Waco Historical Commission for their renovation efforts.

Due to COVID-19, Erin has converted her Waco office to a short-term rental called “The Inn on Austin Avenue”. Erin and her Waco paralegal still use the office in the rear portion of the home during the workweek, but they only see clients virtually due to the Pandemic. The beautiful restoration of this historic home is therefore enjoyed by guests on the weekends who rent it through the Airbnb or VRBO website. The office is completely functional and ready to begin seeing clients live again as soon as the Global Pandemic has been resolved. The office has an exterior lockbox that is available for clients to drop off any paperwork that cannot be scanned, emailed, or faxed.

If you are considering bankruptcy or have questions about debt relief, Erin and her paralegal team are available to help you virtually from the Waco office.

Directions to Our Waco Office

  • From the North, take I-35 S, merge onto the frontage road, then take a right on S 17th and follow it for approximately a mile. Take a left on Austin Ave and the office will be on the left about two blocks down.
  • From the East, take TX-484 loop, merge onto S Loop Dr then take a left on Orchard Lane. After 7/10th of a mile turn right on south M.L.K. Jr. Blvd. Follow that for another 7/10ths of a mile then turn left on Washington Ave W. Follow that for 1.5 miles then turn left on N 18th St. The office will be on the left.
  • From the South, take I-35 N then take exit 334A toward 17th and 18th streets. Take a left on S 17th St and follow it for approximately 1.5 miles then take a left on Austin Ave. The office will be on the left.
  • From the West, take N Valley Mills Drive then turn left on W Waco Drive. After about 1.5 miles turn right on N 26th St then take a left on Austin Ave. The office will be on the right.

Get in Touch with a representative from the Waco Office now

If you are seeking debt relief, contact Waco attorney Erin B. Shank today. With nearly 40 years of experience, Erin can advise you on your best options to deal with your financial concerns.

She also offers a 100% contact-free practice, and you never need to meet face to face with Erin or her staff. Your Court appearance is also completely touch-free and performed telephonically. With technologies such as electronic document gathering, digital signatures, and e-filing, Erin can help you from the comfort and convenience of your own home find solutions to your debt problems.

For a free initial consultation, contact attorney Erin B. Shank today!

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