How Do You Know if Bankruptcy is the Right Option for You?

I’ve been counseling clients on the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy for 30 years. If you are experiencing any of the following, you should consult an attorney and consider filing a bankruptcy case:

  1. You have been sued by a creditor, especially a credit card creditor;
  2. You have obtained pay day or title loan because you could not pay your basic bills;
  3. You are facing home foreclosure;
  4. You have had one or more vehicle repossessions;
  5. You can only make the minimum payments on your credit cards each month.
  6. You have multiple “dings” or derogatory remarks on your credit bureau report.
  7. Creditors and bill collectors are calling you, your family members, your  neighbors or your employer;
  8. You are receiving threatening letters from collection agencies or attorneys.

If you are experiencing these things, you should consider filing a bankruptcy case. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer a free initial consultation and you should consider making an appointment to address these serious threats. When you get to this point, your financial problems will not just “disappear” and you should consider addressing them in a legal, moral and financial manner.

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