Bikers Arrested in Twin Peaks Shooting May Face Financial Difficulties

In addition to pressing legal concerns, many of the bikers who were arrested at the scene of last month’s Twin Peaks shooting may soon find that they also have to contend with serious financial hardships. Many of these individuals have already spent a considerable amount of time in jail, missing work and losing income as a result, with many facing possible job termination as well.

Lost income, job loss, and resulting missed bill payments can all result in serious financial difficulties that affect not only the arrested individual but also his or her entire family. Fortunately, bankruptcy may be able to provide individuals facing these circumstances with a way to bring their finances back under control, thereby protecting their family’s financial future.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to KCEN TV and mentioned, “If you’re about to lose your home and car and creditors are calling all the time, bankruptcy stops all those collection efforts and lets you have a fresh start.” Aside from protecting assets like their homes, motorcycles, and other material possessions, bankruptcy can offer families a way forward after enduring so much turmoil and uncertainty.

Though the financial aspects of their situations will eventually need to be addressed, financial concerns are not the most pressing matter at hand. It’s important for those arrested to focus first on securing representation for the criminal accusations they are facing. Once these matters are settled and life starts to return to normal, individuals can prioritize their financial needs and concerns.

If you or a loved one is struggling with overwhelming debt, you should speak with Waco bankruptcy attorney Erin B. Shank, P.C., about your best options as you begin to move forward with your life. To discuss the particulars of your situation, please call our offices at (254) 690-4110 today.

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