Founder of Barnum & Bailey Circus Overcame Financial Struggles Through Bankruptcy Filing

Recognized as one half of the most famous and recognizable Circus in the United States, if not the world, P.T. Barnum actually began his career in the publishing industry in Connecticut. In 1834, Barnum moved to New York City and began his career in promotions by selling tickets to see Joice Heth, a 61-year-old woman who he claimed had been a nurse to George Washington.

After earning money from his promotional endeavors, Barnum made notable loans to the Jerome Clock Co. based in New Haven, CT. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt, causing significant financial troubles for Barnum himself who had guaranteed more than $450,000. In 1856, Barnum filed for bankruptcy protection in order to help escape his overwhelming debt.

Barnum was able to successfully work through his bankruptcy filing, repay all of his creditors, and embarked on a world tour presenting a lecture he called The Art of Money Getting, which was hugely successful, all prior to the establishment of the Barnum & Bailey Circus for which he achieved global fame.

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