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How Does the Service Members Civil Relief Act Affect Military Members? 

The SCRA, or Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, is a United States federal law originally passed in 1918 under a different name. This statute protects the entirety of the United States armed services from lawsuits in civil matters while on active duty and up to a year afterward. Through a wide variety of regulations, the federal government is able to protect millions of military members from certain obligations that would disrupt their military service.

Since its passage almost a century ago, the act has remained in place virtually uninterrupted. The idea of protecting our service members from financial obligations traces all the way back to the Civil War. Since then, Congress has made financial protection a priority, amending the SCRA 12 times to adapt to a changing economy. With no expiration date, the SCRA is one of the most widely supported federal measures, and it will likely remain in place protecting our service members for the foreseeable future. When you have such a powerful federal law on your side, it is important to understand how to utilize the protections for you and your loved ones most effectively. Two ways the SCRA protects our service members are below.

  • The SCRA prevents the termination of your lease while on active duty, or up to a year following the conclusion of your service. This protection dates back to the Civil War era when military pay was rarely enough to cover rent or mortgage payments. Although military compensation has increased, service members still face financial pressure while on active duty. The SCRA protects you and your loved ones from eviction.
  • The act allows you to terminate a housing lease without repercussions if you are deployed to a new location. Leasing contracts frequently lock you in for a year or more, making it difficult for you if you are redeployed to a new location. This protection allows you to break your contract without suffering financial penalties.

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