Creditors Are Calling Your Workplace – Can a Central Texas Bankruptcy Help?

For an individual who is facing financial difficulties, simply trying to develop a plan to pay off debts can be very stressful. If creditors begin calling your workplace in an attempt to force you to repay a debt, this can add yet another level of stress to an already difficult situation. If you live in Central Texas and your creditors are calling your job and home day and night, it may be time to consider hiring a Texas bankruptcy attorney and filing for bankruptcy protection.

When a debt is owed to a creditor and it becomes clear to the creditor that the debt is not going to be paid, the creditor will often refer the debt to a third-party debt collector. Third-party debt collectors must abide by federal laws found in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA. The FDCPA provides protection to a debtor from attempts by a debt collector to collect that debt by contacting the debtor at his or her place of employment. Once you retain me to file a bankruptcy case for you, you can refer all of those calls and letters to me and I will respond to them for you. This gives you freedom from those calls while you pay your fees for filing your case and get your bankruptcy paperwork together to file your bankruptcy case. Many clients report that just being able to tell those terrible bill collectors to “call my lawyer” is one of the most satisfying feelings that they have felt in quite a while.

When your fees have been paid and your paperwork is finalized, your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is filed. The filing of the case creates an “automatic stay” that automatically stops all creditor collection activity. In three to four short months, you are discharged in your Chapter 7 case and the court issues a discharge order which is a permanent injunction prohibiting all future creditor collection activity. In other words, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can start you on the road of ridding yourself of your debt and those terrible collection creditor calls.

If creditors are calling your workplace, the best way to put a permanent stop to the phone calls is to consult with an experienced Central Texas bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. Call me at (254) 690-4110 to schedule a free first appointment in either our Waco or Killeen, Texas office.

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